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Down the hole drills

With our comprehensive range of DTH Hammer and bits, we can offer our customers DTH hammers from 4 up to 45 and a complete range of Reverse Circulation Hammers aswell.


Our Hammers have been simplified to reduce the amount of consumable parts that will increase service life under hard conditions.


Down the hole hammers

Down the hole hammers and drill bits are designed together to work in perfect unison, giving high penetrating rates, long service life and low costs.

  • Deliver maximum energy to drilling bit, fast drilling speed and low air consumption due to the special inner structure of HD series DTH hammer designer according to newest rock drilling theory.

  • Smooth performance and long service life of HD series DTH hammer due to high quality alloy steel material and advanced processing technology adapted.

  • Low problem rate and easy to maintenance due to simple, reliable and easy assemble and disassemble inner structur of hammer.

  • Easy to depart bit drom hammer due to multihead thread conncetion chuck and cylinder of hammer

  • Interchangeable with DTH bit and drill pipe.

  • Low pressure and high pressure hammers are available.


Down the hole bits

Down the hole hammers and drill bits are designed together to wrok in perfect unison, giving hich penetration rates, long service life and low costs.

  • How much compressed air power is delivered to the bit is essential to DTH drilling efficiency. And our DTH equipment's precition engineering and high standards can ensure the drilling efficiency, the hammers and bits feature solutions, which optimize impact-energy transmission into the rock.

  • Combining advanced material technology with skillful design focusing on performance, simplicity and endurance, our DTH tools give high productivity, great reliability and low operation costs.



Maurits Holtzhausen
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e-mail: mholtzhausen@gmail.com
Riaan Theron
Mobile: 082 576 6349
Tel: 014 536 9913/4
e-mail: retheron@worldonline.co.za
Tel: 014 536 9913/4
Fax: 014 536 9916
e-mail: beowolfmining@mweb.co.za





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